Vacay almost over. Yea!

Ok. As I lay on the blow-up mattress in my sister’s basement, I check my calendar and get giddy. It’s almost time to end vacation and gear up for another school year. This year, like the past five school years, means another schedule change. My HS offers a few interesting electives. I’ve taught US Minorities Studies and Psychology in addition to my AP Lits and ELA classes. However, this year is special because I’ve been wanting this schedule FOREVER.

I have ELA 11, AVID, and…Culinary Arts! Finally!

The teacher in the kitchen for the last few years finally got the transfer she wanted. That means Chef Julian is up in this piece and ’bout to do the dang thang.

Being the liberal arts phenom that I am, I’m aware of folks’ perceptions of vocational training, but I plan to shake up the world and teach this class at a high level while bringing the best out of all my cooks.

This blog will have my reflections, plans, successes, and challenges for this year. The focus will be cross-curricular votech, but don’t be surprised if a tangent or two arise.

For now, I’m still on vacation and there’s TV to watch and fattening food to eat.


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