Mid-morning Stretch?

Got my keys and schedule today and I’m happy.

My school uses an A/B block schedule with four periods per days. This year I’ll start each day with ELA 11 for the first period and planning during the second. Culinary runs A day for two periods with a 45-min lunch in the middle. On B days, after planning I’ll have AVID, lunch, then seminar. Not bad, I’m thinking.

I had ELA during the same periods last year and they worked well once summer vacation lethargy wore off.

The daily morning break gives me consistency to fill that time with whatever (tea, meandering about taking to colleagues…I can throw in daily reflection/TM/nap…:-)…nap).

I’ll be mentally charged for the rest of my day. The lunch break in between the doubleĀ  culinary period is a good break and occasionally extends instructional time if I play it right. In culinary school, we often prepped and fired a dish then took a long break while it cooked. We have a policy that all students must leave for lunch and I’m not really a fan of kids in my room during lunch because that was my recharge time. However, the second-period planning will help a lot. I’m implementing Mark Barnes’s R.O.L.E. concept with ELA and I think I’ll have enough pace changes to stay sharp.


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