Gotta get up…

…early in the morning. I was up at 0500 and decided to go to my class to mentally prepare for things. I’m glad I did. I did the big blue arrow planning: set my mission, created essential questions, mapped out the year with quarterly assessments, and contacted chefs who I think would give industry insight to students, and I ordered some books for the course. My quick visual inventory revealed that I have more equipment than I thought.

I also got a chance to talk the principal, which is why I was able to order some books. She told me to give her a proposed budget for the year and gave me a decent ceiling to plan. I jokingly proposed $10k, but we meet at a more realistic but reasonable number. I’m now off to figure what to get. She has high expectation for me to build the program.

I have a few cross-curricular ideas and now need to sell those visions to my colleagues. I think the business and video teachers would like what I have. I also have some STEM integration ideas for the chemistry and crew, but would love a project that delves into engineering like making a mobile kitchen in the field.

I’ll have to do the early rise tomorrow, too. Very productive.


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