Connecting and engaging

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I haven’t posted in a while…even after the whole writers write manifesto.  I really haven’t been too busy. I’ve been distracted and lazy but not busy.  I’ve thought about a lot of post ideas, especially some revolutionary reform stuff.  Perhaps another day.

This week has been fun.  In ELA, we’ve finished a collabo with the Video class discussing 3-Act Structure for their screenplay project.  Culinary Arts has been cooking up a storm.  Although I billed it as a cooking contest, we haven’t really been formally judging the meals, just wrecking my diet. (smirk/smile).  In AVID (College Prep) the students’ 20% Time Projects have been a blast.  Yesterday’s presentation weren’t too shabby.  Lots of projects about food preparation (smirk).

What’s been cool is the feeling of connecting with the kids on stuff they like, movies, self-selected study, and…food…(smirk).


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