She likes math.

The other day I was talking to a former coworker who went to the district level to be a teacher’s teacher as it were.  She’s a math type and knows her stuff. I fancy myself a polymath and try to do a few cross-curricular projects from time to time.  Math is the one subject that I have found that it’s better to sneak it in on the students than to say upfront that a project has math in it.  We, unfortunately, breed mathophobia early in our system.

My daughter is very fond of math.  She likes to play with stuff like distributive property and amaze herself with her own a-ha moments.  I have to thank her teachers for that because we only occasionally talk math in the home.  That’s about to change.  I was playing dominoes a month or so ago and thought, this game would be perfect for my kids.

I must really think about how to keep those flames going in her and kindle them in her brother.


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