Gotta get up…

…early in the morning. I was up at 0500 and decided to go to my class to mentally prepare for things. I’m glad I did. I did the big blue arrow planning: set my mission, created essential questions, mapped out the year with quarterly assessments, and contacted chefs who I think would give industry insight to students, and I ordered some books for the course. My quick visual inventory revealed that I have more equipment than I thought.

I also got a chance to talk the principal, which is why I was able to order some books. She told me to give her a proposed budget for the year and gave me a decent ceiling to plan. I jokingly proposed $10k, but we meet at a more realistic but reasonable number. I’m now off to figure what to get. She has high expectation for me to build the program.

I have a few cross-curricular ideas and now need to sell those visions to my colleagues. I think the business and video teachers would like what I have. I also have some STEM integration ideas for the chemistry and crew, but would love a project that delves into engineering like making a mobile kitchen in the field.

I’ll have to do the early rise tomorrow, too. Very productive.


Mid-morning Stretch?

Got my keys and schedule today and I’m happy.

My school uses an A/B block schedule with four periods per days. This year I’ll start each day with ELA 11 for the first period and planning during the second. Culinary runs A day for two periods with a 45-min lunch in the middle. On B days, after planning I’ll have AVID, lunch, then seminar. Not bad, I’m thinking.

I had ELA during the same periods last year and they worked well once summer vacation lethargy wore off.

The daily morning break gives me consistency to fill that time with whatever (tea, meandering about taking to colleagues…I can throw in daily reflection/TM/nap…:-)…nap).

I’ll be mentally charged for the rest of my day. The lunch break in between the doubleĀ  culinary period is a good break and occasionally extends instructional time if I play it right. In culinary school, we often prepped and fired a dish then took a long break while it cooked. We have a policy that all students must leave for lunch and I’m not really a fan of kids in my room during lunch because that was my recharge time. However, the second-period planning will help a lot. I’m implementing Mark Barnes’s R.O.L.E. concept with ELA and I think I’ll have enough pace changes to stay sharp.

Were furlough days like snow days to me?

I’m a jerk for thinking this, but after finding out that we won’t have furlough days in September, I’m slightly disappointed.

I know…so not what one would expect from a so-called dedicated teacher who’s ready to get this year going.

However, with a new schedule plus the normal adjustment period for everyone the first weeks of school, the short weeks seemed like they would’ve given me a good pace for laying foundations in the block schedule at my HS…and my 5-yr old starts kindergarten.

Ok. I’m over it. And…give me my money!

Vacay almost over. Yea!

Ok. As I lay on the blow-up mattress in my sister’s basement, I check my calendar and get giddy. It’s almost time to end vacation and gear up for another school year. This year, like the past five school years, means another schedule change. My HS offers a few interesting electives. I’ve taught US Minorities Studies and Psychology in addition to my AP Lits and ELA classes. However, this year is special because I’ve been wanting this schedule FOREVER.

I have ELA 11, AVID, and…Culinary Arts! Finally!

The teacher in the kitchen for the last few years finally got the transfer she wanted. That means Chef Julian is up in this piece and ’bout to do the dang thang.

Being the liberal arts phenom that I am, I’m aware of folks’ perceptions of vocational training, but I plan to shake up the world and teach this class at a high level while bringing the best out of all my cooks.

This blog will have my reflections, plans, successes, and challenges for this year. The focus will be cross-curricular votech, but don’t be surprised if a tangent or two arise.

For now, I’m still on vacation and there’s TV to watch and fattening food to eat.